This afternoon I started taking pictures again. Something inside was just yelling at me about how I need to capture every moment that I can. My kids get so frustrated when i have a camera in their face but the way i see it is the more i do it, the more they’ll get used to it. And once they do, they wont even notice it anymore. That’s where the best photos are, the ones that are natural and not posed for. Emma likes to put her hand on her hip every time i bring out the camera and she puts that same look on her squishy little face like shes auditioning for an Old Navy commercial. Drives me crazy. I tell her to just pretend im not right on top of her blinding her eyeballs with the flash.


I was in my dogs face today too. But she is very photogenic and goes crazy over the noises my camera makes. And the flash. You should see her with a flashlight. Or a laser pointer. Or the reflection from the sun off of the front door early morning. Or the bag to the girls’ blocks and even the doodle pad. I’m not sure what the hell her problem is or why she attacks things. This is what she did once she heard the camera getting ready to, i’m assuming she thought, transform into some sort of wild beast.


And Autumn was laughing at first then once I had to start pulling her off the kitchen table she started to get mad. On the kitchen table? Yeah… I was trying to get a good picture and she took advantage of the fact that i wasnt paying as much attention as i should have been.


I will have to say that the website i used to put the filters on the pictures was amazing —-> [PicMonkey]

I used to use PicPlz but i guess they rid of that for computers. You can only get it now on your phone. But if that’s the case, why not just get Instagram? Way better.

See. She just sits there so perfectly.


See. She is so sassy.

And Autumn, well I’m not sure about that one yet.


This was right after I put her back on the chair. She’s an emotional child.


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