Just stop me already

 [God is our creator and he desires to be in a relationship of give and take with the created world. From that understanding a true relationship can emerge. A true relationship is to sacrifice ourselves for the other; a false relationship is to sacrifice others for ourselves. True peace and compassion can only come about through true relationships: between people and God, husband and wife, parents and children, families and the world. From all this we can decipher that God wants to be in relationship with us and lead us with truth, beauty, and goodness, which is true love.]


I know I’ll meet somebody.

It will be the most inconvenient time and the most embarrassing setting.


  Love is something that can’t be forced or looked for. It comes when it’s so unexpected and it will punch you right in the face and it will make you realize that everything leading up to that point was just a rough draft. It feels like I’m such a sucker for it, for love. I read too many fairy tale stories and watch way too much ‘Once Upon a Time.’ I do believe in true love and I do believe that you will meet that person when it’s time to.

Love is the greatest gift God ever gave to man.


 [The Bible says that God is love. God, as our designer and creator, made us with needs for love. Do you ever wonder why we constantly seek love from others but never feel completely satisfied? It’s because God designed us for an unconditional love, and we, as people, are flawed.]


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