December Prompts

December Photo a day.

[Let’s hope between this and the other December prompts I can stay on track]

  1. 8 o”clock
  2. peace
  3. something you held
  4. black & white
  5. looking up
  6. from where you live
  7. stars
  8. someone you love
  9. out and about
  10. under
  11. sweet
  12. hat
  13. lights
  14. something green
  15. outdoors
  16. something you made
  17. on the floor
  18. makes you feel
  19. something beginning with ‘s’
  20. weather
  21. tree
  22. decoration
  23. joy is ____
  24. tradition
  25. lunchtime
  26. mess
  27. how you relax
  28. cold
  29. hot
  30. something that made you settle this year
  31. self-portrait


 2012 December Prompt

This one is pretty simple except there’s no list to look at ahead of time so you don’t know what your getting into. They post a new one everyday and you have to take that day and utilize the time you may not have to accomplish it.

For today:

Saturday, Dec 1: Your year in photos
Did one photo encapsulate your year? Maybe it takes a gallery. Go out and take a new one that represents your year if you need to. Let’s see those photos.

[I like that one. But that would take me more that a day to complete. I mean, all my pictures are on Instagram and in order for me to share them on here, I would have to do a lot of emailing to myself and saving onto my laptop. Ehhh…

This one is from last year:

Thursday, Dec 1: Favorite Photo
Have a snapshot that encapsulates your year? Or one that represents a great moment? Maybe it just looks dang cool. Show ‘n tell time — let’s see those pics!

Friday, Dec 2: Favorite Music
You know SmallBox likes the rock. We can’t resist asking about your album of the year. Why did it grab you?

Saturday, Dec 3: Favorite Read
What did you read this year that inspired you? Share your favorite book or article.

Sunday, Dec 4: Favorite Meal
Did you eat something this year that knocked your socks off? Maybe you tried something new that’s now a fave. Describe those tasty morsels.

Monday, Dec 5: Events
What event stood out for you this year? Where was it? Who was there? What did it look like?

Tuesday, Dec 6: Community
Where do you go where everyone knows your name?

Wednesday, Dec 7: Neighborhood
Tell a neighborhood story. Did you meet someone new? Run into an old friend? Find a hidden spot you love?

Thursday, Dec 8: Inspiration Spaces
When you need inspiration, where do you go? What place really did it for you in 2011?

Friday, Dec 9: Home
Why do you live where you do? What makes it home?

Saturday, Dec 10: Work
Describe your work environment or desk. Did you make any changes to it this year? How do you work within that space?

Sunday, Dec 11: Gathering
When you want to gather with friends, where do you go and why?

Monday, Dec 12: Travel
Did you take a big trip this year? Or maybe even just a little one? Where did you go?

Tuesday, Dec 13: Getting Lost
Share a time that you got lost this year. Did you learn anything?

Wednesday, Dec 14: Reconnecting
Where do you go to reconnect with you? Did you experience a place where you found solace?

Thursday, Dec 15: Indulgence
What did you indulge in this year? Get yourself or someone something extra special? Do something you’ve never done before?

Friday, Dec 16: Helping Out
How did you get involved in your community this year?

Saturday, Dec 17: Choice
What was the wisest decision you made this year?

Sunday, Dec 18: Technology
What technology changed your world this year? Pick a gadget, a website… how did it make a difference for you?

Monday, Dec 19: Something New
Knitting, a new language, underwater basketweaving… what new things did you learn this year?

Tuesday, Dec 20: Gratitude
What are you grateful for this year?

Wednesday, Dec 21: Creation
What did you make this year? Whether something personal, like a song or some art, or a work project, share your process and the end result of your creation.

Thursday, Dec 22: Influence
Obama? Oprah? Mom? A furry friend? Who made a difference for you this year?

Friday, Dec 23: De-stress
What did you do this year when things got hectic? How did you unwind?

Saturday, Dec 24: Gifts
Did you give or receive a meaningful gift this year?

Sunday, Dec 25: ‘Tis the Season
Share a photo from your year that highlights giving, thankfulness, traditions or finding peace.Monday, Dec 26: Forward Thinking
What are you looking forward to the most about the next 365 days?

Tuesday, Dec 27: Making Connections
If you could meet someone new in 2012, who would it be? Or would you rather spend more time with someone you already know?

Wednesday, Dec 28: New Skills
What new skill do you want to add to your repertoire?

Thursday, Dec 29: New Places
Is there somewhere you really want go in 2012? Somewhere local? Or anywhere in the world?

Friday, Dec 30: Removing Obstacles
If money, time or other commitments were no obstacle in 2012, what would you do?

Saturday, Dec 31: Setting Intention
What one word describes your year ahead, how you’ll approach it, what you wish it to be?


So I probably won’t be doing that one. I honestly didn’t read it until i just pasted it on here, and it looks like a task for someone who actually has a life.

Cute idea though.


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