I started my dread journey Nov 2011.

Before this, there were so many things I didn’t know. Now I feel like I could answer almost anything anyone throws at me.

I get so many questions like, “Do you wash them?”, ” Did you have to glue them?”, “So you have to shave your head when you don’t want them anymore?”. No. To all of them. When Precious took her dreads out, it was like they were never there. Her hair is beautiful.

[Precious with her dreadlocks and her pink eye]

[Precious without either of those things]

I came across a few different site like KnottyBoy and DreadHeadHQ and dreadlockssite. The only one that I came across that I’d recommend is dreadlockssite. I love that website. So much information and so many forums! You can find an answer for usually anything and if you can’t, post a discussion. They are all about natural dreadlocks and keeping them clean and healthy and doing dreads the most natural ways. I couldn’t imagine having my dreads any differently. I don’t have the patience to let my hair dread itself by neglect but I did the second best thing. Basically all that is is just sectioning your hair and then twisting and ripping each dread starting at the root.

Your knotting the hair forming a dread : )

It has been a little over 2 months and my locks have changed so much! There are all kinds of loops and twists and loose hairs. At the beginning it was a little rough. My hair was super frizzy and I had so many loose hairs. My friend Precious took hers out after almost 3 weeks, I believe. I think I cried the day she took them out. Scout has her some dreads now too. She started hers about 3 weeks ago and they are ahw-somme!





I read a little something on [DreadlocksSite] that made me smile.

It talks about the devotion for your dreadlocks and what other connections to the world you see during your journey.

[Clearly, there’s devotion. To the highest, whether that be named or unnamed, the purest of pure, as well as a quest for enlightenment. And a longing for a more natural existence according to nature’s laws, not mans. There’s also a dedication to self, To be true to thy self, and not a mindless conformist or trend follower, but instead marching along following ones own convictions.]
– That’s Soaring Eagle. I love that guy.
[Look at his head!] <– Yeah, it’ll blow your mind.
He goes on to talk about the different concepts of dreadlocks. Some believe they are a ‘spiritual antenna’. Bringing you closer to Earth and all things living. And how our entire life is recorded inside of our hair. Every food we ever ate, every drug we were ever exposed to, every life lesson we learned or taught. Amazing stuff. Truly amazing. I have to admit, since having dreadlocks I feel like a different person. It feels so good and I love my dreads. I can’t even imagine taking them out. I can’t imagine even thinking about it.
If you ever think about getting locks, please look at this website before committing. It won’t change your mind but it will give you a few things to read about and a few different ways to do it. There’s also a lot of awesome pictures on there too.
I’ll be posting a video soon.

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