Surprise Yourself

I have to admit, I think these projects turned out great.
It’s exciting to see these all around my house and know that I did them. It’s amazing.

My inspiration for the clothespin photo clips came from [MoreDesignPlease]. I didn’t have a huge wall space like this one, but I didn’t have that many pictures to put up either. So, it all worked out great. This one only took me about 45 minutes to finish which isn’t that bad considering it looks awesome! There is a tutorial on the website by the way. Just in case you love it to death!

This one was one of my favorites to do. The first process to this was peeling the crayons. That sucked. It took nearly 4 hours.The trick is to peel down, not around. If I knew that at the beginning, it would’ve only took 2 hours. This one came from [UnsimpleLiving]. I did cool colors on one side and warm on the other. I got the canvas at Hobby Lobby for 15 bucks. So, their not expensive. And the crayons are always cheap. I got two boxes and I only used one. But with a four year old and a baby, they won’t go to waste.

I love all things vintage.

Vintage clothes, vintage decor, pictures, you name it. I’ve had a set of vintage keys for so long now but I don’t remember where they came from. But I knew I kept them for something. [CraftGawker] gave me a few ideas with what to do with them. But after sleeping on it I came up with this. It’s just a scrapbook frame, 12×12 I think, one sheet of scrapbook paper, some nail polish, hot glue, and those set of old keys. It took a few coats with the nail polish to get them right, but it really didn’t take that long for them to dry each time. And I only painted one side because I knew I would glue the other.

I fucking love buttons. There is so much you can do with them. [Here] you can find where I got this idea from. Spearmint Baby should’ve been added to the list in my previous post. They also have Spearmint kitchen, wedding, and decor. All of which are on this website. I did mine a little different though. Instead of a shadow box frame I used a canvas. It was cheaper, and I could paint it. My husband was so irritated with this project. I ordered so many buttons and he was sick of me talking about them. It probably took about 3 weeks before I got the variety of buttons I was looking for. [Etsy] had the best selection and prices. I accidentally ordered paper buttons and I went on for 3 days about it. It turned out they actually worked great! I also used little jewels and brads to fill in some spots. The little plastic craft flowers worked great too.



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